1. Manyame Social Solidarity (MaSOSO) Trust
The Manyame Social Solidarity (MASOSO) Trust was formed in 2015 as a conglomeration of four pressure groups representing former commercial farm workers and communities living in informal peri-urban settlements established on the same farms and on state land on the periphery of the towns of Chitungwiza, Epworth and Ruwa. It has since grown over the years to incorporate pressure groups from twelve other informal communities in Manyame. Manyame district is mostly a commercial farming, peri-urban and rural area with scattered business centres forming the nucleus of townships such as Guzha, Dema, Beatrice and Mahusekwa. It is part of Mashonaland East province bordering Harare Metropolitan province and the rapidly growing Towns of Chitungwiza, Epworth and Ruwa. Having initially been displaced by the land reform program, most of the communities in these areas were also affected by Operation Murambatsvina/Restore Order in 2005. Even before organizing themselves into MaSOSO, these communities have been coalescing in pursuit of right to housing, sustainable livelihoods and participatory governance.

2. Tsvingwe-Envant Farm
Tsvingwe-Envant Farm Ex-farm Workers Trust is found in the Penhalonga area, Mutasa District in Mashonaland province. The community is predominantly composed of ex-farm workers (EWFs) from what used to be called nearby Meikles Farm, who remained when then owner left after the farm had been acquired during the fast track land reform program. Although they continued to stay under the new owner for over years, political tensions continued to ferment resulting in their eviction during the 2008 poll violence where they resettled in the nearby Tsvingwe Township where they currently reside in houses built for some of them by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) around 2010.

3. Ben-Berry Ex-Farm Workers Trust
Ben-Berry community is made up of more than 300 ex-farm workers families from Betty Farm, Kondozi and surrounding areas in Mutare Rural District who moved from the farms upon their acquisition during the FTLRP between 2000 and 2003 to stay in the community in the Marange area. Some of them have gone on to be displaced for the second time from the Marange area after discovery of diamonds around 2006.

4. Arnold Farm
The Arnold Community Trust is situation in the Mazowe area, Mashonaland Central province, in the area popularly known as Manzou area where they were resettled from 2002 as beneficiaries of the fast track land reform program. However, they have had their fare share of attempted evictions, especially over the past half-decade with attempts  by the former first family consistently attempting to displace them in order to expand their dairy farming business. The community members organized themselves and put up a spirited resistance, which attracted global media coverage. Now that the attempts to displace them have subsided, their focus is on acquiring security of tenure and improved service delivery and access to socio-economic goods and services.

5. Makonde Ex-Farm Workers and Miners Residents Trust
Found in Makonde District, Mashonaland West province, this CBO is a membership ex-farm and mining workers from former commercial farms and mines such as Alaska, Mhangura, Dolomite, Matepatepa areas. The membership continued to stay on the farms after their takeover and at mining compounds after companies ceased operations. Some of the members are also beneficiaries of the land reform program who identify with the issues of their ex-farm and mining colleagues.

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