Work Focus Areas

A Partner of the Government of Zimbabwe through an Official Partnership with the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs (MJLPA).

A founding member of a Working Group on Development Induced Displacements (DIDs), sitting in the Research and Advocacy Sub-Committee.

Our Main focus areas of work centre around;

  • Capacity Building; Premised on our founding belief and confidence in the ability of marginalised communities to initiate, drive and influence the pursuit of durable solutions to their challenges and needs; we work to mobilize, organize, build agency and capacitate grassroots communities with civic education, access to information, constitutional literacy and peer-to-peer solidarity and learning to enable them to identify and utilize existing opportunities and mechanisms to pursue access to basic rights and freedoms provided and guaranteed by the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

  • Research and Documentation; Research and documentation is the foundation of our work because we believe in the essence and effectiveness of evidence based interventions. Research and documentation also enables us to draw lessons and best practices from across the globe, and also to gather data and evidence for use to tailor our interventions to meet communities’ specific needs.

  • Policy Lobbying and Advocacy; Policy advocacy is our primary focus because we believe that safe, secure, orderly and lawful human migration, settlements and access to productive rights and resources can only be possible and aided by sound and effective laws and policy frameworks. Thus we work to advocate for review and realignment of national laws and policies with the constitution, as well as adoption and domestication of regional and international treaties, conventions and best practices that have the potential to improve and facilitate safe and secure migration and settlements with access to productive resources for Zimbabweans.

  • Networking and Partnership Building; We believe in the power and potential of partnerships and collaborations as the drivers of broad-based and long-lasting impact. We see partnerships as opportunities for harnessing and sharing expertise and resources to enable simultaneous solutions to crosscutting issues and realization of common goals. We strive to create, build and maintain strategic partnerships with state and non-state actors locally, regionally and internationally for collaborative pursuit of common goals. We also create platforms for citizens from all backgrounds to interact amongst themselves, and with law and policymakers to engage in dialogue that will yield a shared national vision and durable solutions to issues of common concern.

  • Information Dissemination; We believe that effective and meaningful citizen participation in social, economic, civic and political processes is premised on access to accurate information. Similarly since sound policy formulation and decision making rely on access to full and objective information, we also focus on gathering, generating and disseminating truthful, accurate and objective information that grassroots citizens and law and policymakers can rely on for effective participation and policy-making.

  • Resilience Building & Disaster Risk Reduction; Our interventions also focus on building the capacities for recovery of communities from shocks caused by natural disasters and other causes through facilitating access to social security nets. Under this initiative, our aim is to build sustainable resilience skills and mechanisms so that communities do not only recover, but they are better equipped to deal with similar or related chocks that may arise in the future. Among other measures to pursue sustainable recovery and resilience, we advocate for and facilitate secure and equitable access to economic and natural resources such as land as a form of empowerment and a means for self-sustenance.

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