Community Alliance for Human Settlements in Zimbabwe

About us


The community Alliance for Huamn Settlements in Zimbabwe (CAHSZ) is a non-profit, legally registered and operating in Zimbabwe as a grassroots based, membership driven social solidarity alliance of internally displaced persons (IDPs), and mobile and vulnerable populations (MVPs) collectively pursuing safe and secure migration and settlements in Zimbabwe.
CAHSZ was formed in 2016, bringing together community based organisations (CBOs), residents associations and housing cooperatives already existing in urban, peri-urban, informal settlements, resettlement areas, and ex-commercial and mining communities across Zimbabwe.
We are the leading Zimbabwean civil society organisation championing access to secure land rights, protection, reintegration and durable solutions for communities affected and/or threatened by displacements around Zimbabwe.
Although CAHSZ’s approach is grassroots and community centred, our work is national in scope, reach and impact. And because displacements, human migration, settlements and access to productive rights and resources are global issues, we welcome and thrive on partnerships and collaborations with likeminded institutions at national, regional and global levels.


A few statistics on displacements, mobile populations and the Community Alliance for Human Settlements in Zimbabwe

CAHSZ Members
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Displaced People
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Our Vision

A Zimbabwe in which safe, secure and orderly human migration and settlements result in meaningful access to productive and socio-economic rights and resources for all citizens.

Our Mission

To mobilize, organize and capacitate grassroots communities to advocate for safe and secure migration and settlements in Zimbabwe.

Our Goal

For Zimbabwe to adopt human migration and settlements policies and strategies that will facilitate safe and secure migration and settlements within Zimbabwe, while also stimulating durable solutions and recovery of internally displaced and mobile and vulnerable communities in line with regional and international best standards.

About us



Core Values

Our core values are;

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • impartiality
  • Pluralism

Past Projects

In addition to capacity building, civic education, research and documentation, policy advocacy and information generation and dissemination, we have assisted several communities faced with threats and incidences of forced evictions by mobilizing legal assistance to stop planned evictions, mobilizing emergency aid in the form of food, temporary shelter, relocation transport and counselling to evicted communities, produced policy briefs outlining policy suggestions to improve the protection environment, written opinion editorials (op-eds) published in the national media on human migration and settlement issues and also participated and shared our perspectives national and international forums. We have also worked with policy and lawmaking individuals in Zimbabwe and also partnered with various other like-minded state and non-state institutions.

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