1. Access to Land and Housing; CAHSZ campaigns for well-situated urban land for public housing and secure tenure on agricultural and communal land by Zimbabwean citizens. A primary focus for CAHSZ is decent, affordable public housing for citizens as promised by government and major political parties in their 2018 election manifestos. We are opposed to arbitrary evictions, which are outlawed under Section 74 of the Constitution, and we advocate for relocation where displacements are unavoidable. We also advocate for regularisation and upgrading of informal settlements in urban and peri-urban areas around the country.

  2. Service Delivery; CAHSZ also campaigns for the provision of basic services to urban and peri-urban informal settlements as the basis for accessing education, health facilities, roads, water and sanitation facilities by the marginalized communities. Access to these basic rights, goods and services is a constitutional provisional and also the primary responsibilities of government at both local and national levels.

  3. Community Civic Participation; Through a concept called Community Based Planning (CBP), CASHZ also mobilize, organize, capacitate and facilitate active and meaningful participation of grassroots communities local and national governance processes to ensure their voice is heard and included in decision making and resource allocation toward provision of service delivery.

  4. Constitutional and Human Rights Literacy; Through our partnership with Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs (MJLPA) we work to promote constitutional awareness and literacy to marginalised population through meetings with legal officers to explain the provisions of the constitution, reproduction of the constitution in vernacular languages and also distributing copies of the constitution. This is premised in our shared belief that ciizens can only enjoy the constitutional rights if they know and understand them.

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